Weight Kit

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Customize your sound without removing or changing your traditional headjoint cork. These handmade, raw brass weights can be used with your original crown, or with a custom crown from Boundless Flute. Boundless Flute's unique system allows you to choose the amount of weight to add, and instantly hear the difference. Changing weights takes seconds, has no effect on your current setup, is completely invisible, and is instantly reversible. Finally, a quick and easy way to experiment with how different weights affect your sound!

People who have tried the weights report that they provide a more focused sound, clarity of articulation, and a more powerful upper register, while still retaining the character of their instrument and without sounding brassy or harsh. 

The kit comes with six weights (extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large) and a convenient installation tool. Mix and match or use just one to find the best sound for your flute and your playing style. The smallest weighs approximately 2g, and the largest, approximately 14g. 

Please note: some flutes may not be able to fit the largest sized weights due to the space restrictions between the top of the cork and the bottom of the crown. If you want to experiment with more weight than will currently fit, ask your flute tech to shorten your headjoint cork at your next COA. The weight system is not compatible with Mancke crowns and stems, Nagahara locking crowns, and flutes with Bigio stoppers installed.