Triquetra Prototype

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Prototype TA3
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This is the first-ever Triquetra crown!

This crown is a protoype, and will fit a very limited number of flutes. 

  • it's the only shiny Triquetra ever made - the others have either a brushed or a sandblasted finish

THIS CROWN WILL ONLY FIT: TREVOR JAMES (I'm guessing, based on my dimension database), and if you are not very fussy, YAMAHA. 

What's fussy about the Yamaha fit? Well, really, it's too small. So, if your cork carrier screw is not exactly centered, there will be a gap on one side or the other. See the pictures - if you look closely, you'll see how one edge sits inside the headjoint wall. The headjoint pictured is a solid silver Yamaha EC cut. Trevor James headjoint diameters are smaller at that end, so it should be a perfect fit. 

It definitely will not fit other brands.

If you have one of the above-listed brands, and you get this crown it's still possible it might not fit (but it most likely will). If you get it and it doesn't fit, just send it back, and I'll refund you.

If you choose to buy it, but don't have one of the above-listed will be sad. It won't work, I promise. 

MATERIALS: Solid silver crown, brass base

Heavy weight crown: 15.9g (about 1.5x heavier than an average crown)