How does the new crown attach to my headjoint?

Same way as your old one. Just unscrew your current crown, then screw on your new Custom Crown by Boundless Flute.


Should I get a standard or a heavy crown? 

Do you love the way your flute sounds right now, and don't want to change it? If the answer is yes, you should get a standard crown. Have you added weight in the past, and liked the effect? Then get a weighted crown. Not sure? Try a weight kit and see if you like the added weight. 


My crown doesn't fit! 

Real talk: it's bound to happen to some of you. I'm sorry! Headjoint makers sometimes change the screw thread they use, and change the diameter of the headjoint tube over time. While I have collected a lot of data on a lot of flutes, it's just not possible at this early stage for me to have all the numbers on every flute ever. For example, I had a bunch of Miyazawa numbers from a large range of serial numbers, and they were all very consistent. And then, I got one vintage Miya that was super tiny! So, at some point, they changed their dimensions. If your crown doesn't fit, let me know right away, and I'll work with you to get the right size and make an exchange at no added cost. As much as your crown not fitting kind of stinks, in a way, it's a great thing because it gives me more data, and helps someone else down the road. Thanks for taking one for the team!


My crown fits my flute, but the headjoint doesn't fit in the case when the new crown is on. What do I do? 

#1 - see if your local flute technician can remove a spacer from your case to make room. 

#2 - if nothing can be done, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you measure your flute and hook you up with a shorter crown of the same design, if possible.  


Why isn't my headjoint maker listed? 

There are a whole lot of makers out there, and I've only listed the makers that I have data on multiple headjoints from. If you have a headjoint from a maker who is not listed, please share your dimensions! If you can supply me with accurate measurements on a maker I don't have numbers for, I'll happily extend a 5% discount on your order for a crown for that flute. 


How does weight affect the sound? 

I could put a lot of pseudo-sciencey mumbo jumbo here, but the truth is, no one really knows. And not everyone perceives a difference. And every flute reacts differently. On some flutes, the smallest weights surprisingly have the best effect. On other flutes, though, it's the larger weights that focus the sound, add richness, and make the articulation more crisp and immediate. Some flutes, well, they just like to be weightless and free! I know as someone selling weighted crowns and kits for flutes, I should probably tell you it will always be amazing...but that's not how I roll. Try a kit for yourself. If you don't like it, let some friends try it and sell it one of them, or return it within 7 days and you'll get your money back. 


Which weight in the weight kit is closest to being like a heavy crown? 

It depends on the crown's starting weight, but most likely the "large" size will be most similar. 


Will my weight kit be compatible with other flutes? 

Compatibility list for weight kits: 

-Drelinger is compatible with no one else

-really old Bundys are compatible with no one else (kudos to you if you are tricking out an old Bundy!) Otherwise, they are compatible with the other American makers. 

-Arista, Artley, Brannen, Burkart, Gemeinhardt, Haynes, Lafin, Powell, Williams, and most other American makers are all compatible. 

-Mateki has switched threads throughout its production. Some are only compatible with other Matekis. Some are compatible with Altus, Azumi, Jupiter, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, Pearl, and Sankyo. 

-Altus, Azumi, Jupiter, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, Pearl, and Sankyo, and some Matekis are all compatible. 

-Trevor James and Yamaha are compatible, except for some older TJs, which are compatible with no one else. 


Will my crown be compatible with other flutes? 

This is a little more complicated than the list above, because in addition to having different screw threads, different makers have different sized headjoint tubes. 

-A crown made for a Drelinger won't fit anything else. 

-A crown made for a Brannen, Burkart, Lafin, or Powell, will fit an Arista, Artley, Gemeinhardt, or Haynes, but not vice-versa. 

-A crown made for a Pearl or a Sankyo will fit on a Altus, Azumi, Miyazawa, or Muramatsu, (and maybe a Mateki), but not vice-versa. 

-A crown made for a Trevor James will fit on a Yamaha, but not vice-versa.

There are exceptions to all of these rules. This is why no one makes mass-produced custom crowns that screw on in a traditional way. I am crazy for trying. You're welcome. 


If I buy a crown and then get a new flute from a non-compatible brand, can you modify my crown to fit the new flute? 

Maybe! Let's talk. 


Do you make crowns for piccolo, or low flutes? 

I can make a crown to fit any flute as a special order. Having them widely available so you can just choose your brand and be pretty much guaranteed that it will fit is much, much more complicated and requires a lot of data. Unfortunately, i don't have the data yet to confidenlty offer piccolo or low flutes crowns. I've started to compile numbers, and the more custom orders I get, the sooner I'll be able to offer those products.


I have an idea for a crown. Can you make it for me?  

Most likely! Send me a message with your idea, and we'll talk about it. Individualized custom silver crowns start around $500, and increase in price depending on complexity of the design and metal or stone choices.