Boundless Flute is a one-woman company founded by Sarah Stockton to embrace all the aspects of the flute and flute playing that she loves: repairing flutes, playing concerts, and helping students to reach their full potential. Now, with Custom Crowns by Boundless Flute, she's crafting custom flute crowns designed to delight and inspire, and weight kits to expand your palette of sound. 

Based in Connecticut, USA, Custom Crowns by Boundless Flute partners with master craftspeople in NYC to produce custom, handmade designs for your flute. Sarah designs all the crowns to exacting measurements based on hundreds of dimensions collected from every flute she comes across. If you have a custom request, please reach out

For more about Boundless Flute’s repair services and for a full bio of Sarah, please visit www.boundlessflute.com.